so I know I know…I’m a much bigger procrastinator than I thought….lets start a blog…it sounds like such fun!  well, I’m sure it is when you have nothing else to do…but a strange thing occured….and I figured this is why I started a blog in the first place so put down the knitting and get writing!!

I’ve been knitting for several years now, mostly flat, shapeless items with numerous mistakes that I was just either not capable of fixing (my tinking has come  along way!!) or just assumed that you’d never see the mistake anyways and too damn impatient to fix it.

But a strange thing happened several days after I started the blog….all of a sudden I got good, and I mean good.  Like I was paying attention to my stitches, and actually counting rows and really following a pattern and wa-la my finished project actually looked like they should in the picture!  I realized that knitting is a precise project that requires following the instructions…which to say is not my strong suit.  I love to cook because I can do my own thing…..take a recipe and adapt it to what I like and how I want it to look.  But here’s the catch….you have to know how to cook before you start adapting things and I learned that I was trying to adapt patterns without really knowing how to knit in the first place!!  This really was the first time that I was knitting something and was really proud of my finished project…it was an amazing feeling!!!


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